Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Sybrid facilitates with error-free medical billing & coding, swift and flawless data entry, timely claims processing, maximizing collections and efficient revenue cycle management.

Sybrid Medical Billing

Sybrid takes charge of your claims before submitting it to insurance providers. We employ a thorough analysis to check their validity and accuracy. We make the best use of claim scrubbing and ICD coding to ensure error-free claim submission without any risk of defective coding.

Make Your Billing Easier and Efficient

Get your claims processed with 98% accuracy by our billing service. Your claims are processed in less than 24 hours with efficient billing software of Sybrid. We make your claims and other data entry tasks easier.

Easy Onboarding and Efficient Processing

We take into account the value of your time and resources and don’t let your minutes go in waste. We instantaneously prepare bills and submit them to insurance providers for collections and post the payments.

Account Receivable Management

We make sure an error-free Account Receivable (AR) management and smooth payment collection. Our efficient workflow makes sure that your customers pay their dues on time and you never miss payments.

Analytics and Performance Tracking

Now you can evaluate the performance and dedication of your resources with analytics and deep insights. Our periodic reports comprise information regarding outstanding dues, booked revenue and the revenue collected.

Unlock Your Revenue Potential

Sybrid keeps following up on claims until the claims are collected. Our 60-day accounts receivable never goes beyond 20% and 120-days accounts receivable never crosses 10%.

Sybrid offers an all-in-one medical billing solution at an affordable cost.

Proven Billing Support

Sybrid provides an edge to your medical practice by introducing reforms and the latest technologies to make your facility sustainable and profiting. Sybrid is HIPAA compliant and employs latest medical billing and coding solutions. Experience the power of the best Medical Billing Services with Sybrid.

Billing Automation

Sybrid helps to boost collections with efficient billing processes. With our managed billing workflow, all the processes are automated and streamlined according to the unique requirements of the organizations.


Revenue Cycle

Sybrid provides services to deal with Revenue Cycle Management touching on all aspects of your medical practice. We provide high quality and efficient services exactly according to the needs of your organization.

Trusted Partner

Amongst other revenue cycle management companies in UAE, Sybrid facilitates you with the best consultancy services that boost your revenue, incentivize your staff to show efficient performance and growth.

Sustainable Growth

Sybrid offers advanced services by employing the latest technologies that keep the whole system intact by ensuring an effective communication system and monitoring the entire process to ensure maximum productivity.

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Start your practice with our assistance without paying any setup charges or any cost other than our service fee. Sybrid’s services are not software-dependent and we work seamlessly with all practice management tools. Contact Us or Request a Free Quote if you are interested in our Cardiology Billing Services, our support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries for free.