Front Office Management

Front office management gives a tough time to most of the practices and they end up losing their customer base because of the inefficient front office management and incoherence in their practice system. Sybrid takes the burden off your shoulders regarding hunting down the right service. We are expert in this task and know all the dimensions of front desk management.

Managed Front Desk

Our Virtual Receptionists make prior arrangements for patients. We check the scope of their insurance, check for the expenses covered by their insurance provider and take the patients in the loop regarding their payments and billing process.

Insurance Eligibility Checks

We check the scope of patient insurance, check for the expenses covered by their insurance provider and takes the patient in the loop regarding his payments.

Calls and Appointments

We don’t overlook your concerns and queries by missing your important phone calls. We ensure effective communication by dealing with your queries professionally.

Reduce Your No-Show Rate

Getting confirmation from patients regarding their appointments via phone calls reaffirms their appointment date and time. It is effective in cutting down your no-show rate.

Front Desk Facilitation

Front desk management of Sybrid makes sure to facilitate the patients that pay frequent visits with visit follow-ups, reminders, efficient communication and seamless connectivity.

All features of Appointment scheduling, Virtual Receptionist and Prior Approvals what else do you need?

Sybrid offers an all-in-one medical billing solution at an affordable cost.

Easy Way To Pay

Our efficient software handles all your deductibles and co-pays and offers a simple payment method for patients. All this without missing out any component from your bill.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Sybrid employs unique techniques to engage both providers and patients that lead the way to a productive practice and excellent patient care. We do this by peeping more into your patients’ minds through surveys and customer queries and ensure their satisfaction.

Regular Performance Reports

Sybrid make sure to keep you updated regarding the performance of your practice by a regular system of monthly reporting. These reports take into account the scheduling of appointments, record of phone calls, complaints filed and other miscellaneous issues.

Phone Call

Sybrid takes charge of your audit concerns and compliance issues. We keep a record of all the phone calls and messages and emails that reach your front desk. You can access all the recordings any time with our cloud based infrastructure and support.

Certifications &

Sybrid saves you from any action taken against you because of government policies this is the reason why Sybrid gives importance to certifications and compliance. It is our responsibility to ensure safe medical practices for both patients and the practice.

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