Claims Submission

Successful claim submission forms the core of a successful revenue cycle and high profit of a practice. Sybrid is there to do the job without any flaw. We ensure a smooth claim submission but there are destined claim denials and rejections due to strict policies of the government.

Eyes on Possible
Reasons of Claim Rejections

There are usually complex terms and conditions of insurance companies that obstruct the reimbursements. Mostly patients are not acquainted with the coverage plan. We understand reasons for claims denial and claim rejection and apply unique strategies to solve all the claim rejection issues.

Claim Scrubbing and

We identify the right cause of rejecting and denying a claim and then resubmit it accordingly. We don’t stick to an orthodox way of claim resubmission this is the reason why we have the highest first-pass rate. We chalk out a plan for each patient exclusively and follow it for a successful resubmission.

Rejections and
Denial Management

We identify the right causes of rejecting and denying a claim and then resubmitting it after a thorough scrubbing process. We don’t stick to an orthodox way of claim resubmission this is the reason why we have the highest first-pass rate. Every small point counts! And we understand this as no one else does.

What do you get by paying a mere 4% to 9% of your collections?

Any feature that has the remotest relation to medical billing, coding and front desk management we have it covered at the lowest cost.

Sybrid offers an all-in-one medical billing solution at an affordable cost.

Claim Resubmission Checklist Workflow

Sybrid shows the highest sense of professionalism. We have everything properly scheduled and chalked out for you. We check for even minute details that other companies overlook.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Resubmitting claim exact 30 days after original submission. No delay!
  • We are there to ensure that your documents are legible and properly aligned.
  • Changing strikeover on each copy while changing or filing the new claim forms.
  • Checking for all the signatures and accurate date before proceeding towards claim resubmission.
  • Mailing it at the right address and using online services for resubmitting claims is a must!
  • These are just a few things out of the complete checklist that is considered before submitting each claim.

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