Claims Audit and Analysis

With the rising cost of healthcare, it is the need of the hour to manage claims properly so maximum profit can be harvested. Before putting your trust in any company for handling your claims audit and analysis, it is important to know if it fulfills all your requirements. Make the right choice and trust in the Sybrid claims audit and analysis service.

Clean Claims Boost Revenue and Cash Flow

By taking the services of audit and analyzing from Sybrid you not only rectify past mistakes of your practice and improve present operations but also increase the chances of higher profits in the future. By avoiding past mistakes, you can surely take your practice at a higher level.

What do you get by paying a mere 4% to 9% of your collections?

Any feature that has the remotest relation to medical billing, coding and front desk management we have it covered at the lowest cost.

Sybrid offers an all-in-one medical billing solution at an affordable cost.

Claim Audits and Analysis

Conducting audits can effectively fix all the problems of your practice. Claims auditing is a far more complex process than simply submitting a claim and resubmitting it in case of its denial. It is there to identify the root cause of all the problems that your practice faces. Analyzing your practice while looking at even the most negligible factors is a task that not all claim audits and analyzing services can handle well. But you have to submit to the powers of Sybrid which is expert in claim auditing.

Mapping RCM Touch Points

Sybrid overpowers every other claims audit and analyzing service due to the excellence of its analyzing methods. We provide financial reports, look up your revenue cycle management, and find the root cause of your claim denial and any other factor that is taking down the profit of your practice. By executing proper auditing and analysis of your practice we provide a guaranteed increase in collections, increasing profitability, less denial rate of claims, higher first-pass rate and more patient volume.

Personalized & Custom Audits

We hold expertise in carrying out both personalized and custom audit. The personalized audit is significant for analyzing and measuring the performance of the administration and make sure that it is statistically valid. There is no match of Sybrid when it comes to custom audit. We employ our technological advancement with the experimental expertise of our professionals. We make use of software for integrating the audit services with your practice billing. It also raises the audit conclusions to the maximum.

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