Important Checklist Questions To Evaluate Patient Satisfaction

Evaluating Patient Satisfaction Is Of Utmost Importance As It Helps The Organization To Improve Itself. Healthcare Providers Can Consider Patient Satisfaction Surveys For This Purpose. This Is A Tool That Can Easily Point Out What Factors You Need To Work On In Order To Improve. By Targeting These Aspects, You Are Able To Provide Better Care And End Up With Happier Patients. This Survey May Also Empower The Patients As They May Feel Involved. It May Show The Interest An Organization Has In Its Quality Care. In Order To Make A Good Survey, There Are Three Things That Must Be Kept In Mind. These Three Things Are Said To Be:

  • Brevity
  • Clarity
  • Consistency

Is Your Practice Ready?

The Patient Survey Can Be Effective If The Practice In Question Is Ready. That Means That It Needs To Have An Environment That Embraces Quality Improvement. This Means Incorporating It Into The Vision, Value, And Goals Of Any Healthcare Provider. This Is Followed By Determining The Budget You Plan To Set Aside For It. The Amount Of Investment That Is Possible For You And How Expensive The Whole Process Is Supposed To Me. There Are Two Options That Can Be Considered In This Regard. The Practice Can Either Conduct A Survey Through An Outside Vendor Or Have An In-House Survey. The Latter Is Meant To Be Cheaper In Nature But It Requires A Greater Time Investment. Along With This, Staff-Related Costs May Also Be Incurred Due To The Effort That Goes Into It.

That Includes Designing The Survey, Selecting The Sample, Mailing The Survey, And Going Through The Results. Other Than This, There Are Certain Physical Costs Which Include Postage, Printing, And, Of Course, Paper. It Is Encouraged That The Healthcare Provider Ensures That All Its Staff Is Well-Informed About The Process. They Must Be Educated In Terms Of How They Should Interpret And Act On The Results. The Main Goal Behind This Proves Is To Find Out The Areas Of Weakness. However, You Can Also Take It As An Opportunity To Celebrate The Successes Of Your Practice.

How To Find The Right Tool?

There Are Different Kinds Of Surveys That Can Take Place. You, As The Healthcare Provider, Must Choose The One That Is Of Greater Convenience For You. The Kind Of Surveys Includes Phone Surveys, Written Surveys, Focus Groups, Or Personal Interviews. Amongst These Written Surveys Tend To Be A Reliable Approach As Well As Cost-Effect.

Written Surveys Also Provide You With The Option Of Creating A Questionnaire Or Using A Third Party’s One. The Latter Is Recommended As It Is A Survey That Has Been Through Testing And Validation. However, Either Way, That You Choose, There Are Certain Things To Keep In Mind. They May Help You In Making The Process A Smooth One.

  1. What Are The Top Three Issues?

Every Practice Is Known To Have Three General Goals Concerning Their Patient Interaction. Your Question Must Over These Aspects. They Are To Provide Quality Health Care, Provide Care Accessibility, And To Treat Them With Respect.

  • Have You Asked The Essential Question?

It Is Common To Forget The Key Question That Covers Everything. That Is A Question About Their Overall Satisfaction With The Physician.

  • What Is The Wording Of The Questions?

In Order To Ensure That You Get Appropriate Results, The Wording Of The Questions Is Important. It Should Be Brief As Well As Each To Understand. That Means That They Must Be Specific.

  • Are The Chosen Scales Consistent In Nature?

There Are Various Scales That Can Be Used In Surveys. This Includes 10-Point Scales, Likert Scales, Four-Point Scales, And Many More. It Is Common To Use A Five-Point Scale. No Matter Which You Choose, You Must Be Consistent With It.

  • Are There Any Open-Ended Questions?

Adding In One Or Two Open-Ended Questions Can Have A Positive Impact On The Results Gathers. It Is Better To Ask Questions Like “What Can We Do To Improve Our Services?” To Gain Insight.  

  • Is There Any Demographic Data Questions?

Demographical Data Helps With Analyzing The Data. It Helps To See How A Certain Group Of People Responded To A Question.

  • Is There Anonymity For The Patients Involved?

Anonymity Is A Safety Blanket For More Patients. Therefore, They May Feel More At Ease Answering The Questions If Their Identity Is Protected.

How Reliable Are Your Answers?

Patient Surveys Have Been Criticized In The Past For Their Unreliability. However, This Element Can Be Eliminated With Just A Few Guidelines. They Can Help To Make The Data Gathered More Statistically Correct, And Thus, More Helpful.

  • The Selection Of Sample Size
  • The Distribution Method Selection
  • The Rate Of Responses
  • The Number Of Responses Received
  • The Method Through Which The Data Is Analyzed

The Data Analyzed And The Results Achieved Can Help The Organization To Take Action. They Can Start Focusing Upon The Elements Causing Dissatisfaction. Thus, The Evaluation Of Patient Satisfaction Not Only Leaves A Good Impact On The Patient But Also The Healthcare Provider.

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