8 Factor That Boost Patient Satisfaction and Ensure Practice Growth

In the current healthcare system, patient satisfaction is given more importance than before. With the establishment of the quality measures and giving patient satisfaction an important role in determining the quality of care delivered, only patient satisfaction can guarantee the growth of the medical practice. Here is how to ensure patient satisfaction.

1. Prioritizing Patient’s Health

The system of healthcare can be examined progressive and ethical when they guarantee integrated and pleasant care. Having a positive experience from patience ensures the sustainability of a practice. For any provider, better patient experience results in the growth of the practice and earns better returns.

2. Convenient Payment Mode

Because of new changes in technology, the patients find it easier to pay bills by using any digital wallet. The number of patients is increasing day by day due to which more problems are arising related to billing requirements and low profits. To make it convenient for patients, the patients must be told about the multiple payment methods that they can avail of. This way, one can ensure that patients are at ease.

3. Transparency of the services provided

According to a survey, 65% of patients have stated that the fee transparency is analytical in their overall satisfaction, of which 41% are millennial. An alarming 77% fear about healthcare prices being ‘unpredictable,’ which directly reflects on the necessity to streamline the patients’ journey.

Surprise billing has recently raised questions on the transparency of the system. Surprise medical bills were a growing concern and with no immediate solution to it. In this scenario, only a transparent process can augment the patient satisfaction level.

4. Patient Faithfulness

Delayed unclear collection processes and complex processes affect the faith of the patients. About 70% of patients state that they would incline toward providers with a straight forward procedure. With increased competition and having multiple options to choose from, patients presently have ample choices to depend on and switch if unsatisfied.

5. Practice Advantage

Satisfied patients mean lower costs and increased return rates, and more business. This further lays the ground for a production process. Satisfied patients put medical practices on the advantage when satisfied consumers share their experience and give positive reviews.

6. Creating a self-service culture

Practices are now more inclined to hire a professional medical billing company to get help with the collection process. These medical billing companies implementing systems like self-service check-in and completing forms before a visit can ensure that outstanding balances are paid, and updated insurance information is captured.

7. Communication with Patients

Patient Satisfaction can be affected by a lack of communication or poor communication with them. In this regard, patients must be updated about the necessary information, including the transparency of cost and copays.

8. No Mistakes in Billing 

No mistakes related to billing must be made, which can eventually affect the patient experience. In such cases, it should be ensured that these errors should be detected in time and fixed.

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