8 Challenges That Physicians Are Facing in 2020

The world has been unfolded to many new challenges in the rise of a new decade. The year 2020 accompanied the world with some unparalleled and unpredictable challenges like global medical emergency caused by Covid-19. It was a threat to everyone in the world and resulted in a major increase in the burden on physicians. Every department of health care seems to be in turmoil due to this situation. Along with this problem, there are certainly other challenges that physicians end up facing as well. 

 Administration Work 

Stress is a common burden for physicians. It is caused due to patient care duties as well as administrative work. It doesn’t matter if they are linked with a private or public practice, they have paperwork to do. 

Denials on Payments 

 One of the most common challenges that physicians are facing in 2020 is payment denials. After all, they deserve proper payments for the energy and efforts they put in. They are unable to eliminate the problem of payment denials without evaluation and management. Along with payment denial, other problems also arise. This includes poor reimbursements and inefficient payment schedule. 

Competitive industry 

The physicians and healthcare services are generally considered as a commodity. It is a commodity whose industry is growing in competition with every passing day. These various options are a good factor for patients but add extra stress for physicians. They have to make sure they compete for the adoption of technology and trends. 

EHR inefficiencies

The EHR interface is not only a challenge to physicians but also is dangerous for the patients. This is especially true in case of its ineffectiveness and inefficiency. It is further made worse because of the communication gap presence that is likely to take place. 

Physician Burnout

Burnout has become a common issue amongst the workplace of today. It is true for physicians as well considering the long hours that they have to work for. This gets them very little time to restore energy. Today physicians throughout the world are fighting as front-line workers while risking their life with almost no rewards or incentives.

Lawsuit Problems 

It has always been a constant threat for a physician when it comes to being sued. This may be due to any complaint made by the patients. The reason behind this is the number of tasks that they have to juggle every day. It leads to their attention being divided which is not a good sign for patients. 

Chronic Diseases

Dealing with patients suffering from chronic diseases has always been a challenge for physicians. Such patients demand primary care physicians. These physicians can usually allocate only limited time to their patients. That increases the risk of them missing out on important details during patient dealing.  

Data Security & Patient Confidentiality

A challenge that is being faced by almost every sector of the world is cybersecurity. Hackers have gone one step ahead in technology and that means measures must be taken. It is the responsibility of the physician to ensure the safety of patient data.  These are some of the challenges that are likely to impact a large number of physicians this year. Certain steps must be taken by healthcare providers to help avoid them. The physicians should not be burdened with further stress than the ones they are already facing. 

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