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Achieve your revenue targets with efficient medical billing operations & collections
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Management and Automation
Complete front office solutions for a seamless workflow
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Over 10 years and counting

A Legacy of Excellence

Sybrid is the only distinguished platform that has been delivering turnkey solutions, specifically designed to handle the toughest challenges of global organizations. We have served some of the big names in medical industry and powered them with practice management tools, medical billing services, front desk administration, and revenue cycle management solutions. Utilize our global experience to gain business advantage in UAE.

Why Sybrid

Medical Billing & RCM

We provide the best medical billing service and the best revenue cycle management. We employ our medical billing software for Revenue Cycle Management.

Front Office Management

Front desk service is one of the under-rated services but is one of the most important for any workplace.It makes the billing process easier by making prior arrangements for patients.

Claims Resubmission

Our service reduces the chances of denial of claims in the first place due to remarkable coding and by making sure all the required documents are in place.

Claims Audit and Analysis

We provide you with a complete package that includes ravishing services of analysis that satisfies you with financial reports, revenue management, finance distribution.

Year-End Reconciliation

Sybrid takes charge of your year-end reconciliation. It works both ways; clears out payments of all staff members and patients along with clearing payment process with insurance providers.

Medical Transcription

We provide matchless medical transcription services. Be it any document, any video, recorded voice note from your practitioner or any other perceived medium we transcribe it to comprehensive text.

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